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The herd started in 1995 with 30 cows which I bought at production and total dispersal sales.  It was the same time I lost my father and that’s why I named the stud after him: HANZYL BONSMARAS.
I bought cows from the following herds: Arcadia Bonsmaras, Zinabos Bonsmaras, Robco Bonsmaras, BOK Bonsmaras, Umpukane and a few others. From the outset we mated our heifers for 63 days at 14 months of age and are still following the practise.
Currently the herd consists of about 270 producing cows and 80 replacement heifers. Our official stats supports our breeding objectives ie: AFC = 26 Months,  TKP = 367 days and Reproduction Index of 120.
The farm is situated about 100km south east of Bloemfontein and about 25 kilometer from the small town of Dewetsdorp in the Southern Free State. The official carrying capacity is 6ha/LSU. The average rainfall range between 400-600mm per year and the temperature differs from 34-38 Celcius to as low as -8 C during winter.